native German teacher
intercultural mediator

☆ 09/07/1986


native German teacher
intercultural mediator
☆ 09/07/1986

I am fortunate that this cultural open-mindedness is an integral part of my life.
Because of my childhood and youth spent in North Rhine-Westphalia and thanks
of the values ​​conveyed to me at the time, I will always have a “German” soul, carry a “German” way of looking at things and a “German” feeling in me. At the same time, however, I’ve been living in Northern Italy for more than a third of my life.
This is the center of my life, this is where I am professionally and privately anchored.
The Italian mentality and way of looking at things are perfectly understandable for me. Probably they have become a bit of a part of myself, too.


Learning a foreign language is not just mastering a different grammar and vocabulary, it means much more: the language reflects the culture, way of thinking and mentality of a people or a linguistic community.
By understanding and appropriating a new language, it becomes possible to better understand the points of view and positions of our interlocutors.
This represents an inestimable added value and makes a better mutual understanding possible in international contexts.
Thanks to this newly acquired empathy, intercultural misunderstandings can be prevented and a functional global collaboration can be promoted.




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